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Substance Intervention LLC
is a private service that provides substance abuse intervention for families of Alcoholics and Addicts.

Our services cover:

The intervention is held at the residence of the family. We come to you!

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Substance Intervention Quote


“When I first found the number to substance intervention I was unsure what I was going to get this was my first time trying to find help for my mother when I finally worked up the courage and Brian answered my call I was instantly put at ease he is a genuine caring person and I can’t thank him enough for all the time he’s given me and my mom is getting the treatment she deserves thanks to him!”

“Brian Good was instrumental in getting my son to go into a rehab facility. He was prepared to go the extra mile and he did… and then some. Brian prepared by doing exhaustive research on our son and family dynamics in order to design the most appropriate intervention for our situation. He came up with the perfect approach to what we thought was a hopeless situation- and he succeeded–It would not have happened without his help. His compassion toward our family was much appreciated as we went through the sometimes painful process of an intervention. Brian has a passion for his work that shows through in everything he did for my son and our family. I thank God for sending Brian to us.”

“Brian Good was really a blessing to my family. He was very down to earth and direct about the possibilities of doing an intervention and helped us prep as best as we could considering our time frame. He is so dedicated to his work of helping those seek sobriety and families reach a peace of mind that he experienced a really bad car accident the day he was to meet with our family. His car was completely totaled and he did not delay a moment to work with my family. I absolutely recommend Brian Good if your looking for substance intervention.”