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Cocaine Addiction

Like all forms of addiction, cocaine addiction harms not only the addict, but also his or her loved ones. Individuals addicted to the drug might start to isolate themselves from friends and family and become unreliable. Cocaine is highly addictive because it is a stimulant. It makes people feel good by raising dopamine levels in [...]

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Florida Drug Intervention

If you have a loved one that is suffering from drug or alcohol addiction, a Florida drug intervention specialist can help them choose to get the help they need. Handling a drug intervention can be a scary process. While some people suffering from addiction realize how their behavior impacts others, other individuals do not. Also, [...]

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Substance Abuse Intervention

Does one of your loved ones need a substance abuse intervention? If someone you love suffers from substance abuse, they may need an intervention. What is a substance abuse intervention? A substance abuse intervention is a structured conversation between you and your loved one. Within this conversation, it's important to express all the ways their [...]

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Intervention Alcohol Abuse

Intervention for alcohol abuse is generally thought up and implemented by an alcoholic’s loved ones. It doesn’t matter if the person staging the intervention is a friend or a family member, the intention is the same. The person wants to persuade the alcoholic to stop drinking. Most interventions have the goal for the alcoholic to [...]

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Drug Intervention Specialist

Do you need a Drug Intervention Specialist? The pain and heartache that you experience while watching a family member spiral out of control with drugs or alcohol can be devastating. There is a constant cloud over your head waiting for what will happen next. You may be tempted to hold an intervention to convince your [...]

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Alcohol Intervention

Photo by Andrew Jay on Unsplash If your loved one is suffering from alcoholism and abusing alcohol on a regular basis, it’s time to have the talk with yourself, and admit it. Often times, we don’t want to see something, so we choose not to. This can, and often does lead to instigating, [...]

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