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What is an Interventionist?

An Interventionist serves as a mediator between an individual who is suffering from substance addiction problems – and their family. An Interventionist is an individual who may also be in recovery from drugs or alcohol and is qualified to make serious decisions on behalf of the family. Typically, an Interventionist is several years clean and sober.

Why is an intervention needed?

An intervention is needed to help someone make a decision to join treatment to recovery from addiction. An alcoholic or addict is unlikely to go to rehab on their own.

Do interventions always work?

No. 95% of the time they are successful in getting the loved one to treatment. They are always successful in providing the family with an education on the disease of addiction and will always provide closure for loved ones.

What is the first step in determining that my loved one needs an intervention?

After assessing their problem and knowing that their addiction is just going to get worse, try to determine if they would be willing to enter drug/alcohol rehab on their own. That would be the first step.

How can I tell if someone simply has a bad habit or if someone is really an addict?

Dropping a bad habit typically requires willpower and desire. Curbing addiction is complicated and requires long term work and emotional support.

What is your cost for an intervention?

The cost of an intervention varies across the US. Call us at 800-315-3303 for an individual cost assessment.

Where do you travel to perform interventions?

All 50 states, Mexico and Canada

Does the family have to pay for the travel expenses for the Interventionist?

No. The family is responsible for the cost of treatment and transportation to treatment for the family member only.

Who should be included in the Intervention?

We suggest that at least 5 family members or close friends take part in the intervention. It is very important that we help you analyze the individuals you propose to be involved. With you, we will look at the past history of each person and how their relationships can be used to help the intervention

Can you suggest centers?

While we are not working for any of the treatment centers, we are happy to share with the family the past centers we have visited and had positive feedback on from clients. Please call us on our Treatment Hotline at 800-315-3303 or fill out this form.

What if they say NO at the intervention?

95% of interventions end in the desired outcome. All interventions are entirely preplanned based on past success. Should your loved one decide to leave the intervention or simply decline treatment, we will seek as much one on one time with them as possible. We will also immediately expend our stay in your area.

Do you accept insurance?

While most treatment centers do, we do not accept insurance for interventions.

Will you stay in touch and help our family?

We stay in touch with all clients to help with relapse prevention for as long as our help is needed.

Does it matter where the intervention takes place?

No, though your Interventionist will help you pick a place your loved one is most likely to be comfortable.

How long does an intervention take?

An intervention is a two day session. Day one is devoted only to the family, without the Alcoholic/Addict present. This is usually a 4-8 hour day where we plan the intervention in detail. The following day of the actual intervention can take 10 minutes, or a full day.

What happens when they say YES?

We immediately book transportation to the predetermined treatment center and leave within a few hours.

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