We Have an Addict in our Family. What Next?

An intervention usually is the only way for a family to get their loved one into a drug rehab center. If their disease of addiction has gotten so bad that the family knows it then the alcoholic/addict likely will be past the phase where they are willing to do the right thing for their lives. Most family members fear contacting their loved one about going to treatment for a variety of reasons.

Some fear suicide. Some just know their loved one will say no. Others are new to the problem and have no idea where to start. There are always many complications involved where a loved one needs rehab. An experienced interventionists is able to provide the answers. They are also able to provide the structure needed to take control of a family so a clear path is set for the alcoholic/addict to attend treatment.

We provide a detailed breakdown on how an intervention works and how we will help you.

Phone consultation:

We spend roughly 10 hours on the phone with family members before we come to your city to set up the intervention. We initially determine if we are able to help or not. If we determine we can help we then send a contract to you to sign and retain our services. We then begin to plan our strategy with you based on your schedule. We set meeting times and discuss the relative that is dealing addition problems and determine which family members will be present at the intervention.

Family day:

We meet with the family the day before the intervention. At this time we plan in extreme detail for the actual intervention. We do this by taking the time to build a relationship with each family member that is attending the intervention.

Our primary focus is to look at the past history each family member has with the alcoholic/addict. By the time family day is finished the family will be 100% confident that their loved one will attend rehab. They will also have a plan in place on how to handle every possible angle, good and bad, that will come up the next day.

The Intervention:

When the alcoholic/addict arrives we provide them with a very welcoming and easy introduction. We have experience with hundreds of interventions and the pressure of the initial introduction to the alcoholic/addict is handled by our interventionist like a second nature. At the end of the intervention we plan for an immediate departure to treatment.

To Treatment:

We transport the alcoholic/addict to the center of your choice. We are not affiliate with any centers and can only suggest centers that we have brought other clients to. While we cover all of our own expenses, it is up to the family to pay for their family members flight.

Our goal during this transport is to keep the good spirits up that were generated during the intervention and to also take the time to prepare them for day to day live in treatment.

We are available 24 hours a day to answer your questions and provide financing if needed.

Phone No. – 800-315-3303

Endorsement: SubstanceIntervention.com strongly endorses the services of Drew Rowley, a well known drug treatment expert who helps families by placing hundreds of people into treatment centers yearly. Our interventionists DO NOT receive any referral payments from treatment centers. Drew Rowley can be reached at: 615-921-6070