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Denver Drug Intervention

While going through addiction, it is hard for the drug addict to step outside of the addiction and appreciate the effect it is having on their lives. This is why a focused Denver drug intervention provided by a Substance Intervention specialist is crucial.

Who is a drug intervention specialist?

A drug intervention specialist is someone who works with the family before, during, and after the intervention. They help you to come up with an effective strategy that will enhance the chances of staging a successful intervention. They inform the team on what to expect during the process, ensure it stays on track, and helps the family identify the best treatment options available for the addict.

Our drug intervention specialist will help you plan the intervention and teach you how to convey to the addict the necessity of the rehab. We train the team on matters addiction and help to arrange for treatment. The sooner you involve a specialist, the better prepared and more persuasive you will be in the process.

Finding the right drug intervention

When looking for the proper drug intervention, it is essential to interview the candidates. Get to know how much experience they have holding interventions, how many of those were successful. Ask about the intervention model used, and the steps followed before, during, and after the intervention. As you get to know more about the specialist, question all the possible outcomes that may occur, and ask how they would deal with such situations.

Experience is crucial because it assures you that the interventionist is well equipped to handle the process. We provide a detailed explanation of how the intervention will go on, the steps we take, and strategies used. Our free four-hour consultation offers you the opportunity to speak to our intervention specialists and decide on the best one for you. With us, you have a money-back guarantee if the intervention does not end with the addict accepting treatment.

How do I stage a successful Denver drug intervention?

Staging a successful intervention is no easy task; it usually comes after several failed attempts at talking to the addict. For this process to be successful, you have to involve a professional. We are trained and equipped to overcome any obstacles that may crop up. Including facing the addict who thinks there is no problem and the one who has consistently refused treatment. We avail the tools and resources you need to hold the intervention.   

The next step is bringing together all the parties that will be involved in the process and preparing for the actual meeting. Another critical component is setting up boundaries and consequences that will apply should the addict refuse help, and following through with them. Once the group has prepared for the actual Denver drug intervention, the next step is to agree on the best time and place. At Substance Intervention, we propose to meet at a time when the addict is likely to be sober and a place they won’t find threatening.

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