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With over 20 years of experience, Substance Intervention is the #1 center for drug intervention in CO. We offer a free sober hotline, family interventions, and unlimited after-treatment support.

What should I expect in drug and alcohol treatment?

The process of joining rehab can be an enduring decision in your life, but it is crucial to take this decision when suffering from addiction. The earlier you join a rehab, the better the outcome. You will go through the following treatments in a rehab program:

  1. Initial Phase - An interventionist may visit you and have a discussion with your family on how rehab can help you to attain sobriety. After which the interventionist will take you to a rehab center and introduce you to the staff who may then guide you through the intake process. After intake and completing the admission formalities, you will begin the detox phase.
  2. Treatment Phase- Our drug intervention in CO offers group therapy sessions to our inmates frequently throughout the day. Group therapies have been more successful in helping patients open up and confront their evils in the love and support of peers. A licensed counselor moderates all our group sessions. The treatment also includes one-on-one sessions with our counselors once or twice a week to help clear the co-occurring mental disorders if any. We also involve your family or loved one in an individual session to help them be an integral part of your recovery.

Benefits of rehab

Medical Detox and rehab programs are the most effective and proven ways to attaining sobriety. Each facility aims to create custom treatment plans that best addresses your unique needs. Facilities also accustom the treatments based on the substance of abuse.

At our center, we don't just focus on helping you to abstain from drugs, but we teach you how to regain control over your life. We help you build the right skill set and teach constructive coping mechanisms to ensure that you avoid the triggers. The goal is to help you stay strong and level-headed to commit to sobriety long after rehab.

What is an intervention?

It is a conversation that follows a certain pattern and takes place between an addict and the family member or a loved one. An interventionist supervises this session and offers an opportunity for the addict's loved ones to safely channel their feelings and emotions to the addict about their addiction problem.

We offer family interventions to our clients. You pick the date, and we will visit your home at our expense to hold a meeting. If a personal intervention doesn't offer a desirable outcome, we arrange for a group intervention to help you open up. Our interventions aim to show you how your actions affect the people around you. The goal of an intervention is to help you realize that you need help and to encourage you to join a rehab center.

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Drug Intervention CO

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