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Drug Intervention Colorado

At Substance Intervention, we provide expert advice related to addiction, withdrawal, and the process of detoxification. If you’re looking for drug intervention in Colorado, then we offer efficient services and knowledgeable interventionists who know first-hand what addiction treatment entails. We will recommend the best treatment centers and useful therapies for post-rehab issues.

What is the purpose of intervention?

Drug intervention helps addicts find a good rehabilitation center where they can overcome addiction. Be it alcohol or drug dependence, we can explain the processes exhaustively, and tell you about the long-term risks of addiction. Our interventionists are people who have had addiction problems, and they know exactly how to deal with it.

The end-goal of an intervention session is to convince you and your family that rehab is necessary. Therefore, we arrange meetings with the family, try to understand the whole situation, and ensure that you receive full support during and after the intervention. If successful, our efforts will persuade you to undertake specialized detox programs at any of our recommended facilities.

Efficient intervention strategies

We strive to provide comfortable and efficient services to addicts and their families. Therefore, we implement a six-stage strategy:

  • Free telephone consultation
  • Select an interventionist
  • Select a meeting date with our interventionist
  • Pre-intervention meeting with the addict’s family
  • Intervention stage – the addict accepts to participate in the procedure
  • Treatment stage – we take the patient to a convened treatment center

During the process, our expert will discuss with everyone involved and relay a better understanding of how the treatment works. Come to our drug intervention in Colorado, and you will know exactly what to expect from detox treatment, therapy, and relapsing.

How to beat addiction

We'll provide you with a step-by-step rundown of how addiction affects your organism, how withdrawal works, and why rehab is essential long-term. Our interventionists were once in your shoes, as addicts who had to undergo treatment to overcome addiction. Therefore, they have the skills and knowledge to help change your life for the better.

While we don’t provide detox programs or addiction treatments, we offer the next-best things – information and encouragement. We know that being an addict is hard and that you have little hope to recuperate. However, we also know that you can overcome addiction by visiting a rehab center and receiving medical help.

How do you do a drug intervention?

If your loved one is an addict, then we have the perfect solution – drug intervention in Colorado. After a consultation, our interventionist will establish a meeting to determine the addict’s condition, and the family members who will attend the intervention.

After that, the pre-intervention family meeting is where we devise a strategy alongside the addict’s family, while we also know each family member in person. We want the intervention to be a success, and the addict to agree with rehab treatment. At Substance Intervention, we consider everything for the addict’s wellbeing.

Drug Intervention Colorado

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