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Drug Intervention Denver

Substance Intervention uses both medical as well as therapeutic methods to treat addiction. We are one of the very few centers for drug intervention in Denver to offer holistic therapies for treating addictions.

What can I do to avoid relapse?

Avoiding relapse is possible by following a series of physical and mental exercises regularly, even after rehab treatment. You can call us anytime post-rehab to get the right advice and motivation to keep you healthy and level-headed. We offer the best post-treatment care to our patients to ensure that they commit to sobriety in the long term.

Be consistent in attending support groups even if you think you've come a long way from addiction. You never know when you could face a triggering situation that can cause you to relapse. Surround yourself with positive people, and spend more time with family as they always have your best interest at heart, lean on them for help at all times.

Creatively channel your anger and anxiety by indulging in a calming and relaxing sport or hobby regularly. Should you feel like returning to old habits, contact us immediately to help you get back on track without giving in to relapse.

Do I need rehab for addiction?

Rehab is essential to treat addiction, its cause, and co-occurring disorders. Trying to quit drugs yourself can be excruciatingly hard and challenging to sustain in the long term. Rehab programs can restructure your trauma, painful memories, and helps to build a better defense mechanism to triggers.

At our facility for drug intervention in Denver, we focus on helping the patient build a healthy routine. This includes:

  • Indulging in regular physical exercises
  • Following a proper sleep pattern
  • Maintaining a nutritious and well-balanced diet
  • Socializing with a good peer group, etc.

We work with you to build a proper structure, and most importantly, we make sure that you adhere to it.

Holistic Treatment for Addiction

Many treatment centers offer holistic treatment programs that make use of non-medical methods to treat addiction. Holistic therapies involve programs that help in alleviating mental disorders, emotional strains, and physical pain. Holistic therapies offer rewarding results by improving sleep patterns, focus, reducing stress and anxiety, and other obstacles. The primary goal of our holistic therapy includes:

  • Offering appropriate treatments by identifying the root causes of addiction
  • Promoting physical fitness thereby building resistance to cravings
  • Increasing Self-image and confidence thereby improving personal relationships and social skills

Holistic therapy can include a broad range of activities like meditation, yoga, physical exercise, nutritional therapy, recreational therapy, massage, etc. We offer custom-designed holistic therapy programs to our patients to help them cope with withdrawal symptoms in a much calm, and constructive manner. We supervise this therapy in addition to medical detox for the best outcome with recovery.

Our drug intervention in Denver helps you cope with emotional triggers constructively. Get in touch with our team at Substance Intervention today to kick-start your journey towards sobriety.

Drug Intervention Denver

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