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Drug Intervention FL

Are you seeking help for a drug intervention in FL? There are a lot of people who suffer from drug addictions who do not have the desire or the ability (or a combination of the two) to stop using and get the help they need. Such people are not able to surrender control or relinquish their power to be in charge, even though the addiction has clearly gotten out of control already. Why is this? To find the answer, we need to turn to science.

Why an Addicted Person Can't Quit

The fact is; an addicted brain is wired differently than a non-addicted brain. Whether the substances that the addicted person abuses are physically or psychologically addictive, the brain becomes rewired to depend on the substances for survival the same way the brain depends on oxygen for survival. Therefore, when the person doesn't have their substance(s) of choice, the brain is constantly compelling them to find drugs and use them, just like the brain would compel a person to find and obtain oxygen if they were holding their head underwater.

This is why a person who is addicted to drugs and alcohol can't stop using on their own strength, no matter how hard they try. To be clear; not everyone who uses drugs or alcohol will have this problem. This rewiring occurs only in the addicted brain, and it happens over time as the person's substance abuse problem progresses, and dependency is formed.

People with Addictions Have to Learn to Let Go

Indeed, it is very difficult for an addict or alcoholic to overcome the self-determination that they stubbornly cling to, as it is sometimes one of the only things that addiction hasn't stripped them of yet. Still, it is vital that the individual relinquish control (as they have already lost control) if they are going to have a chance to get clean. Interventions are for people who are unable or unwilling to acknowledge their dependency and do something about it.

What is the Purpose of an Intervention?

Treatment is the clinical process that we aim to acquire for your loved one so they can begin to address their resistance to ongoing recovery because the goal is not just to stop. If the goal was to stop, detox centers would be kicking out winners all the time, and there would be virtually little need for drug rehab. After 72 hours, addicts and alcoholics would be free. Yet, anyone who knows anything about the nature of addiction knows that this is not what happens.

Recovery is a lifelong process, and rehab or detox is only the very beginning of that journey. Yet, it is the most important step. As the Chinese proverb goes, "A thousand-mile journey starts with the first step." Sometimes, a person just needs a little help taking that first step, and that is what interventions are for. If your loved one could benefit from a drug intervention in FL, give us a call.

Drug Intervention FL

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