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Drug Intervention Florida

Is your loved one or family member in need of drug intervention in Florida? If so, there is help! Contact Substance Intervention to use the services of an experienced interventionist. Confronting a loved one about their problem and convincing them to take the necessary steps to get the help they need is both a science and an art form. Trying to arrange and execute an intervention on your own might not only be unsuccessful, but it might actually backfire and hurt any future attempts of interceding.

What Happens During an Intervention?

When you contact Substance Intervention in Florida, we'll come to you. We'll bring friends and family together and build the intervention team, presenting the opportunity for your loved one still struggling with addiction to get the help they need and deserve.

There are different intervention models that our interventionists may use, depending on the circumstances of the situation. For example, with the Johnson Model, we'll have a couple of pre-interventions with everyone who is going to be present during the actual intervention. This is the time when our interventionists will learn about the dynamics of your family, the relationship of the patient, and we figure out what your loved one is struggling with. At this point, we build our team and figure out exactly who is going to do exactly what in the entire process.

How Addiction Affects Everyone

When we think about the pain and suffering that are associated with addiction to drugs and alcohol, we often think about the damage that an addicted person inflicts in on himself/herself. Still, watching a person self-destruct whom you care about can be deeply hurtful. Even worse, it is often the people who are closest to the addict who suffer the most. As we try to help our loved ones see how their problem is affecting them and the people around them and convince them to get help, we may inadvertently subject ourselves to emotional trauma.

Addiction to drugs and alcohol reaches critical mass when the person becomes out of control and begins to depend on their substance of choice for survival. At this point, they are no longer open to reason or rationality.

Why Should I Pay for Drug Intervention in Florida?

A lot of people think that if they allow their loved one to hit rock bottom, they will switch gears and shape up. Unfortunately, for many suffering addicts, rock bottom is either death or jail. Hiring a professional interventionist who has not only the training that is needed to stage an intervention, but who also has been where your loved is themselves, get the help they need before it is too late.

Further, interventions give families and loved ones a voice. It is a very, very traumatic experience to stand by and feel powerless over your loved one and watching them die.

Drug Intervention Florida

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