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Drug Intervention Services Denver

Do you have a loved one suffering from addiction? Are they afraid of going to a rehab center? Then our drug intervention services in Denver offer the support you need. At Substance Intervention, we help you choose the appropriate treatment center and provide essential information related to addiction.

What is a drug intervention?

We offer expert advice to addicts, related to addiction, withdrawal, and the prospect of rehabilitation. However, we do not provide drug detox services or any other addiction treatments. Instead, we only recommend good treatment centers for our clients. After contacting us and establishing a meeting, our interventionist will come to you, free of charge.

After that, we will discuss the details of the intervention itself. We want to know the stage of addiction, the withdrawal severity, and we want to become intimate with the family members as well. After coming to our center, the intervention process begins, and at the end of it, we take you to the treatment center.

Expert advice for addicts

Our online platform contains all the information required for an educated decision regarding addiction treatment. We talk about the rehab process, withdrawal symptoms, the services and amenities we offer, and the detoxification phases. Our intervention procedure helps you understand how rehab is helpful, and why you don’t need to fear it.

On the way to the treatment center, our interventionist seeks to keep you optimistic and encourage you to go ahead with the rehab. Following the detox process, the relapsing phase begins, and we offer expert advice on that issue. The emotional relapse, in particular, is challenging to overcome, but we can recommend excellent therapeutic centers that can help.

Efficient intervention services

We strive to be as efficient and proactive as possible in dealing with addicts. A phone consultation can last for as long as a few hours before we determine whether we can help you or not. Afterward, we meet and get more details on the upcoming intervention. During this process, we try to ascertain the relationships between addict and family.

We build a concise strategy for the eventual meeting with the addict, and we try to make it as comfortable as possible. Our intervention specialists are recovering addicts themselves who know all about rehab, detoxification, relapsing, and withdrawal. Therefore, our drug intervention services in Denver can help you overcome addiction and progress towards sobriety by relying on factual data and experiences.

What is family intervention?

A family intervention is a therapeutic meeting where we talk to the addict and the family, establishing the circumstances of the addiction, its severity, and regress. We want to ensure that you receive emotional support and that your family encourages you to undergo treatment.

Our drug intervention services in Denver provide mediation between an addict and the prospect of going to rehab. We, at Substance Intervention, strive to help people overcome dependence by offering hope, encouragement, and the required knowledge to ensure the success of the rehab.

Drug Intervention Services Denver

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