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Have a loved one struggling with drug and alcohol addiction? If you are looking for drug intervention in South Florida, Substance Intervention is here to ensure they get the help they need.

What is a drug intervention?

A drug intervention is a structured event where the family, friends, and colleagues of an addict come together to discuss the options and help the patient understand the severity of the situation. When the loved ones of someone battling addiction realize it has gotten out of hand, and they want to offer them a way out, they hold an intervention. It is also a way to stop their own enabling.

We have over 20 years’ experience in drug and alcohol intervention and treatment. You can get in touch with our interventionists for free to arrange an intervention for your loved one. We come to wherever you are at no cost for you.

What to expect in an intervention

In an intervention, a small group of people meet to confront the person dealing with drugs and alcohol. This group usually comprises of the person’s family, friends or colleagues.

Usually, what is going to take place during an intervention is decided upon without the presence of the addict. The group will come together beforehand and discuss how the whole process will go on, what issues to address, and to choose a leader. The group's role is to highlight the impact of addiction on the patient, their families, and loved ones. During the intervention, the group then lets the person know that seeking help for the addiction is their wish.

We offer a free initial assessment, during which you get to speak to and choose the best interventionist for your loved one. Once you have picked the best date for the intervention, our interventionist will come to you at our own cost. We then arrange for a pre-intervention meeting where we help you set targets for the intervention. Upon holding a successful intervention, we will deliver your loved one to the most appropriate treatment center.

How does it an intervention work?

The main aim of a drug intervention South Florida is to motivate the person battling an addiction to accept treatment. An intervention enables the loved ones to outline how the addiction has affected each one of them. Their role is to put boundaries on their interaction with the addict, such as limiting financial help, refusing accommodation, etc. They need to show the addict the extent of their abuse and how much it affects the people around them.  

Should the intervention be successful, with the addict agreeing to seek treatment right away, there should be plans in place to get them to a treatment facility fast. Should the intervention be unsuccessful, with the addict refusing to go to a rehab facility, there should be consequences to be faced, outlined by the group.

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