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Alcohol or drug dependence is a problem that affects both body and mind. While you have heard about addiction treatment, you might be skeptical about its usefulness. At Substance Intervention, our drug interventionist in CO can tell you more about the rehab treatment, withdrawal therapy, and long-term follow-up strategies.

What is the role of an interventionist specialist?

An interventionist brings together everyone who can support an addict, including family and friends, and initiates the intervention procedure. Our specialist provides a free consultation beforehand, getting to know the addict’s condition, mental state, withdrawal symptoms, and willingness to accept rehab.

Afterward, our expert prepares for the intervention process – family meetings, strategies, an exhaustive discussion on the addicted family member, and so on. The family members should each understand the necessity of the rehab treatment for an addict. We strive to provide essential information about drug detox, the withdrawal phases, as well as potential solutions to mental issues, like psychotherapy and CBT.

The goal of drug intervention

The primary purpose of drug intervention is to persuade addicts to undergo addiction treatment. Preferably, this process should include the addict’s family members who offer emotional support and encouragement. Substance dependency is difficult to cope with alone, and this is why our intervention services seek to make this process easier and more comfortable to endure.

Ideally, at the end of the intervention, both family and addict should agree on the necessity of drug rehab. Moreover, both sides should be optimistic and hopeful about the result, which consists of successful detox treatment and the addict’s recovery. In this sense, we recommend only the best detox centers for drug and alcohol addicts, based on our past experiences with them.

The best intervention process

If you’re looking for an efficient, honest, and knowledgeable drug interventionist in CO, then we have what you need. Addicts rarely choose to undergo rehab treatment willingly, and generally, they need encouragement and support. We create suitable circumstances so that an addicted family member decides to go to treatment in the end.

95% of the time, an intervention succeeds, and the addict chooses to do rehab. Moreover, the family members receive pertinent information about addiction, withdrawal, and the many aspects of drug dependency. Therefore, it is an advantageous procedure for everyone involved, especially the addicted family member.

How much does it cost for an intervention?

We charge differently across the US, so you’ll need to call us for an individual cost assessment. The consultation is free, and that’s also when we determine whether our drug interventionist in CO can help you or not. Given that addiction is an unstable affliction that can regress instantly, you should contact us now if your family member suffers from drug dependency.

Substance Intervention is the answer to all uncertainties and skepticism related to addiction treatment. Our mission is to encourage addicts to undergo drug detox and educate family members on the ins and outs of addiction. Make the phone call that could change yours or your loved one's life!

Drug Interventionist CO

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