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Drug Interventionist Denver

Does someone you know suffer from drug or alcohol addiction? Do you want to help but don’t know how? Our drug interventionist in Denver provides the perfect solution for that – expert advice and support for addicts who are skeptical about detox treatment. At Substance Intervention, we have helped thousands of addicts overcome their dependency, and start a new life.

What is a drug intervention good for?

Drug intervention is the process involving a drug addict, the family, and a specialized interventionist who explains the advantages of addiction treatment. The goal of this procedure is to determine an addict to seek help from a professional treatment center. Therefore, our expert, alongside the addict’s family, work together to make this happen.

In our 20+ years of experience with drug and alcohol addicts, over 95% of interventions succeed, and the afflicted person decides to seek professional help. If you still have doubts, then you’re free to contact us for a consultation. There, we can tell you how we can help your addicted friend or family member.

The process of rehabilitation

In medical terms, rehabilitation is a process where a person reverts to a former state, before the onset of an affliction. With addiction, rehabilitation represents the treatment someone receives for substance abuse. The goal is the same – to help an addict regain the health and mental stability lost through drug dependency.

The core of rehab treatment splits into – medication-assisted treatment and holistic procedures. Both of them come together to keep addiction under control and mend any related psychological issues. Moreover, they also lessen the impact of withdrawal and prevent future relapsing. All of this represents information that our drug interventionist in Denver can provide on a free consultation.

Good interventionist services

We provide the most efficient and productive interventionist services in Denver. If you don’t know how to approach the subject of addiction treatment with your family member, we can come up with the optimal plan. After assessing the severity of the dependency, and getting to know the family, we can start preparing for the intervention procedure.

We can almost guarantee that your addicted friend or loved one will make the right decision and go to a treatment center. Fortunately, detox is not a lengthy process, and you will be able to visit at any time. Even after the detox finishes, we will maintain contact and offer support in case of relapsing.

Who participates in the intervention?

Our drug interventionist in Denver recommends that at least five family members or close friends come to the intervention. Consequently, we want to become intimate with each participant’s personal history as well as the relationship to the addicted person. All of these details are essential in the intervention procedure.

Substance Intervention emphasizes compassion, support, and innovativeness in the process of intervention. Our experts are recovering addicts who have experienced the process of detox, withdrawal, and relapsing, which means their advice is invaluable to a drug-dependent person.

Drug Interventionist Denver

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