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Due to denial, people struggling with drug and alcohol addiction are oblivious to its effect on their lives and the lives of those they love. At Substance Intervention, we provide a professional drug interventionist FL to help your family face the addicted loved one and get them the help they need.

Who is a drug interventionist?

A drug interventionist is an addiction specialist who works with a group of friends, family, and colleagues before, during, and after the intervention process. They help come up with a strategy that will boost the chances of the intervention succeeding. A drug interventionist helps loved ones plan the intervention process. Our interventionist will teach you how to approach the addict in a non-confrontational manner and convince them of the necessity of the treatment. They also equip the intervention group with the skills they need to handle the process.

Another role an interventionist plays is letting the group know what to expect during the whole process and ensuring everyone stays on track regardless of the obstacles that may come up.

Do drug interventions work?

Yes, if the intervention used is the best approach for the addict. However, the success of any intervention largely depends on the addict, as well as the people holding the intervention. Although they are most effective at opening the addict's eyes to the truth, an intervention can also damage relationships and isolate the patient altogether. This is where you need to make sure you have experts on your side.

Successfully holding an intervention depends on various factors, but a large number of interventions are successful with the help of a professional drug interventionist in FL.

Effective Intervention Strategies

There are many intervention strategies used. The most effective ones, however, are the following three:

  • Invitational Model – with this strategy, there is no confrontation. The addict is in the loop on what their family, friends, or colleagues are planning to do. They are aware of the steps to follow and understand that they're designed to help them recover from the addiction. With the addict entirely in the know about what will take place during the intervention meeting, they get to choose whether or not to participate in the meeting. They also get to decide whether or not to accept treatment prior to the meeting taking place.
  • Johnson Intervention Model – in this strategy, the addict is kept in the dark about the intervention. The intervening group confronts the addict about their addiction, explaining the harmful long-term effects of the illness. During this strategy, the group encourages the addict to seek treatment for the addiction, with ultimatums and consequences set if they refuse treatment.
  • Systemic Intervention Model – in this intervention strategy, the whole family of the addicted person comes together to discuss what is going on with their loved one. The meeting usually takes place in the presence of a therapist.

For the best drug interventionist in FL utilizing the most effective strategies, get in touch with Substance Intervention. We guarantee top support and quality services for the best results.

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