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Addiction can be very tough for families to deal with. It destroys trust, driving a wedge between families and friendships. Thankfully, Substance Intervention offers families the option of a professional drug interventionist in Florida to help with getting the addict the necessary help.

When is a drug intervention necessary?

An intervention is necessary when talking to the addict about their substance abuse has not encouraged a positive change in them. Being in denial about the addiction does not make it go away. In most cases, the habit only gets worse with the addict ending up in a hospital or worse. If the addict seems not to grasp just how bad the addiction is, it is time to arrange for an intervention.     

A drug intervention is necessary when these signs are apparent:

  • When the addict begins to show signs of health issues such as cardiovascular, liver, and brain problems - In these situations, professional assistance can save lives.
  • If the addict is endangering the lives of those around them - Addiction can often make the addict behave erratically, sometimes getting violent with those around them. An intervention is particularly critical if the addict is a danger to their spouse or children.
  • The addict cannot do without their drug of choice – if the addict no longer cares about the time of day or work when looking to get a fix. This shows that the addict is no longer in control of the addiction.
  • If a once social loved one suddenly starts isolating themselves - This is a common sign of an advancing addiction.
  • Most addicts exhibit a change in behavior, becoming sneakier - The addict begins lying and hiding evidence of their addiction to conceal it.

How we are different from other intervention providers

There are many ways in which we are different and better than other intervention providers. Firstly, we forfeit payment in case the process of getting the addict the intervention and treatment they need is not successful. We only operate on a performance basis. Our company also does not benefit from getting the addict to a treatment center.

We pair an addict with the best drug interventionist Florida depending on their age, type of addiction, and the location. You also have the freedom to select an interventionist of your choice. We are not limited by geography, reaching you wherever you are at our own expense. After the intervention, we keep in touch with the addict and their family following up on their progress.

What if the intervention fails?

Typically, if an intervention is unsuccessful, we extend our stay at your location. Our drug interventionist Florida will spend more time with the addict at no extra charge to you. We understand how important getting to rehab is and as such, go out of our way to see that the addict reconsiders treatment. We also see that the relapse prevention steps put in place during the procedure continue even after the addict exits the facility.

At Substance Intervention, our interventionists are uniquely equipped to conduct interventions because they are all in active recovery from addiction. Contact us, and get your loved one the help they need!

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