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Florida Alcohol Intervention

One of the greatest challenges of an alcohol intervention (from an interventionist's standpoint) is that the majority of alcoholics think they are different from drug addicts. This is understandable in a way because, in the society we live in, alcohol is legal, and drugs are not. Further, alcohol is glamorized and accepted public and socially. Sadly, people who are addicted to alcohol typically don't realize that alcohol is a drug. In fact, alcohol is probably the worst substance in the world to be addicted to!

Sometimes, contacting a Florida alcohol intervention is the only way to break through to the person who is trapped in alcohol addiction. There are many layers of psychology that we need to peel back if we are to understand alcoholism and how to address it. Substance Intervention can help you appeal to your loved one if they are addicted to alcohol. Contact us today to learn how our service works or explore our website further.

The Truth About Alcoholism

Alcohol kills people slowly, and it is one of the most lethal substances on the planet. The intoxicating effects of alcohol far exceed almost every other drug, and because alcohol is both psychologically and physically addictive, it is much more difficult to quit than most other drugs. Even worse, an alcohol-dependent individual can't quit using alcohol on his or her own without putting their life in danger. When people stop abusing alcohol, the body gets sick and faces harsh withdrawal symptoms that can range from mild to severe.

When a person is sick with alcohol addiction, and they either can't or don't want to get the treatment they need to save their life, then an interventionist is needed.

Changing the Way We View Alcoholism

Another mistake that we make is looking at material factors to determine whether a person is an addict or not. For example, does the person still have their job? Does the person still have money in the bank? For some reason, alcoholics tend to have more things than drug addicts do, so again, it creates this sort of class distinction in the minds of the alcoholic and the people around them. "I'm not living under a bridge. I take care of my kids, and I go to work each day." We commonly hear these types of statements from alcoholics.

Get Your Loved One the Help They Need Before it is Too Late

To simplify everything that we're saying here; drugs are legal, and alcohol is not. Alcohol is socially acceptable, and drugs are not. Alcoholics are very difficult to convince that they have a serious problem, that they are not in control, and that they need professional treatment before they hit rock bottom. To be clear; rock bottom with alcoholism is jails, institutions, and death.

The Need for a Florida Alcohol Intervention

If anyone thinks that they are going to outsmart a college-educated alcoholic who has been holding it together for twenty years, they need to think again. Only an experienced alcohol interventionist is going to be able to help.

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