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Florida Drug Intervention

Substance Intervention is a Florida drug intervention team that specializes in helping people in active addiction make a choice to get professional treatment. Regardless of the substance(s) that your loved one is addicted to, drug addiction is the same. It is a disease that wreaks havoc on the lives of individuals who become addicted, and it usually causes equal chaos in the lives of those closest to the suffering addict.

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What is a Drug Interventionist?

A drug interventionist is someone who specializes in rescuing people from themselves. We properly confront people with addiction and convince them that getting treatment for their problem is the best choice or them. Typically, a loved one or a family member will call us when a person has a problem with drugs or alcohol, but attempts to convince the person to stop using and or to get treatment have failed. Our clients get tired of watching their loved ones self-destruct, and they often call us for help as a last resort.

Will a Drug Intervention Help?

If you're not sure that a bringing an interventionist into the picture is a good idea, we understand. A lot of our clients express the same concern. For example, people say things like, "I would love to use an interventionist if I thought it would really help the situation, but John just isn't interested in getting treatment." Although it may seem counter-intuitive, people like John are exactly the kinds of people who need clinical/12-step educational treatment.

If someone who is struggling with alcohol or drug addiction already wants help, you won't need an interventionist. You could just take them to detox if they need it, get them stabilized physically, and then off to rehab to join a recovery community. Knowing that you are an alcoholic or an addict and being willing to do something about it are two completely different things.

How Does it Work?

Because we have great donors who support our mission and vision of helping as many people as possible to break free from the bondage of addiction, Substance Intervention is able to go above and beyond in ways that other interventionists can't. For example, most interventions can only offer a few hours of assistance. If the suffering addict does not commit to treatment during that time, the interventionist will be forced to give up.

However, Substance Intervention is able to pay to keep our interventionists in hotels, buy their food, and pay for their gas as they can stick around for days trying to help your loved one. If we can successfully get your loved into treatment, that is the only time you would pay us.

If this seems like a pretty fair, honest, and reasonable proposal to you, and you need a Florida drug intervention to save the life of your loved one, do contact Substance Intervention right away. We would love to help!

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