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Substance Intervention specializes in substance abuse interventions in Florida for families who need help getting their loved ones into rehab to get the addiction treatment they need. We help families plan interventions and execute them, and Substance Intervention is self-funded throughout the intervention process. The only time we get paid is when we successfully get your loved one into rehab. This way, you won't have to pay for an intervention that doesn't work.

Beyond that, Substance Intervention pays for our interventionists lodging, food, and gas so that they can stay for several days if needed in an attempt to execute the intervention successfully. Most interventionists only give their clients a few hours, but Substance Intervention can stay for days.

Why Should I Hire an Interventionist

Unfortunately, not everyone with addiction realizes that they have a problem or can admit it. Of those who do, very few of them will actually seek treatment on their own. Florida interventions are common because having an experienced partner during the intervention can be the difference between failure and success. Give your family member the best chance for success by calling Substance Intervention.

Confronting a family member about their addiction problem can be counter-productive if it is not done just right. This involves confronting the person in a non-confrontational manner, at the right time, and for unselfish reasons.

The Intervention is Just the Beginning

Believe it or not, the intervention is the easy part. That might come as a surprise to many families who think that the intervention is actually the hard part. Sure, an intervention can be a stressful time. Finding an interventionist who is matched to the personality and needs of your loved one and planning, implementing, and executing an intervention is a strenuous process. Further, the suspension of not knowing how the intervention will turn out can be very frustrating.

What You Can Expect Once Your Loved One is in Treatment

The truth is; when we execute Florida interventions for our clients, the journey has just begun. Following an intervention, the individual who was rescued will be beaten, broken, torn down, and emotionally distraught. Then, they'll go through treatment, and they'll begin to heal. They'll get off of the substances that are destroying them, they'll regain some semblance of sanity, and they'll become significantly healthier in a very short period.

The first thing that most addicts will do is get on the phone with their family and tell them that the food is horrible, the treatment center is horrible, and they want to go home. They'll come up with a million excuses as to why they want to go home, but Substance Intervention has never seen a single instance where the accusations about the treatment center were accurate. With that said, you can expect this to be part of the process.

No matter how stressful or hard it is to hear your loved one beg to come home, do not give in! Do not enable your loved one or make it is for them to relapse.

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