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Intervention Services Denver

At Substance Intervention, we provide intervention services in Denver aimed at helping families with people struggling with addiction. Our primary focus is on helping the addict find the strength to overcome addiction. We not only help maintain familial relationships, but we also help strained ones begin the healing process.

Why choose our intervention services in Denver?

We have been offering intervention services for families dealing with drug and alcohol addiction for over twenty years. This experience has enabled us to learn the most effective intervention strategies, ones that offer the best chances of success. In addition to this, we are not limited geographically; we come to you wherever you are at our own expense. With our services, you are guaranteed money back if we are not successful in convincing the addict to accept treatment.    

Most times, the prospect of bringing in an interventionist to help with the process of getting an addict treatment may seem frightening. Our services center on addressing this problematic situation in four ways. We educate on addiction, train in therapeutic methods, plan the intervention according to the specific needs of each family, and follow up on the progress of the family after the intervention. Our counseling and intervention sessions strive to unite the family steadily and effectively.  

What is the goal of intervention services?

The main goal of intervention services is motivating the addict towards treatment. Research has shown that addicts are likely to be open to rehab after an intervention. This is because the process gives all parties involved a chance to highlight how addiction affects them. How well the treatment works, however, depends on the patient and the treatment used.  

Once the addict agrees to treatment, we must transport them there as soon as the process is over. The sooner they begin the treatment, the higher the chances of success.

Successful drug intervention

We wholly invest in ensuring your loved ones receive the treatment they require to get back their lives. We achieve this through:

  • Phone consultation – we dedicate an average of ten hours to talk with your family members on the phone before coming where the intervention is set to take place. During the consultation, we determine whether our services are the best for your unique situation. When we decide they are, we begin planning the best strategy with you according to your schedule.
  • Family day – we set up a meeting with the family a day before the process. During this meeting, we go into detail about the actual intervention. We take time to connect with each participant that will be involved in the mediation, focusing on their history with the addict. It is at this time that we also plan on how the participants will handle every possible outcome.
  • The intervention – having conducted hundreds such processes, handling interventions has become second nature or our specialists. At the end of the process, transportation to the treatment facility will be waiting.
  • Treatment – at Substance Intervention, we take the addict to the treatment center of your choice. During the trip, we maintain the high spirits generated during the intervention services in Denver, and we prepare the addict for daily life in treatment.
Intervention Services Denver

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