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Threats, pleading, crying; what do these behaviors all have in common? These are the three ways in which the majority of people will approach a family member with addiction when trying to convince them to get help. However, emotional responses and approaches to confronting a family member in active addiction do not work. To convince your loved one that they need to get professional treatment for their addiction problem, you need to appeal to the cognitive regions of their brain - the frontal lobe. This is where logic and reason is.

If you are not able to appeal to your loved one's better judgment and win them over, you may consider calling Substance Intervention for addiction intervention services in Florida.

How to Approach a Loved One with Addiction About Getting the Help They Need

A good ice-breaker might be to tell your loved one something like, "Do you have a moment," or "We need to have a discussion." Under no circumstances should the discussion become emotional! If the discussion becomes emotional, you're not going to solve anything. This means that you cannot become emotional yourself, and you must not become emotional if your loved gets emotional first. If your family member with addiction does get emotional, you can say, "Look, let's not get emotional because we're not going to solve anything this way."

You would want to make it clear that you are there only because you love the person and care about them, and it is very important for you to have this conversation with them. Let them know that they have value and are worth a lot to you and that they are worth saving.

Clearing Up Misconceptions

There are two very common misconceptions that come up when dealing with a loved one regarding their substance abuse. The first misconception is that you have to persuade them somehow or convince them to go into treatment to have a successful conversation. Usually, this is done by threatening the loved one with some sort of consequences. The truth is; a loving conversation might not give you the results you want today, but your loved one will not forget the love and concern you expressed for them.

The second misconception is that you need to allow them to hit their rock bottom, thinking that the person hasn't experienced enough pain yet or that they'll listen to you when their situation gets worse. This kind of belief is very much mistaken. You can't solve a problem with the same kind of thinking that causes the problem. You can't solve the problem by appealing to the same section of the brain where the disease lies.

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The nature of addiction is that it alters the brain and changes the way that the brain perceives life. Addiction affects a person's decision-making ability. If you stepped off of a curb and broke your ankle, you would want to get to a doctor as quickly as possible. Why would treat our brain any differently?

Intervention Services Florida

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