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Do you have someone you care for who is struggling with addiction but has refused to undergo treatment? Substance Intervention is here to help you! We have the right interventionist in Denver, Colorado, that is just right for you and your loved one.

What is an intervention?

An intervention is a way to overcome the challenge of convincing your loved one who is suffering from alcohol or drug addiction to undergo treatment. Experienced interventionists will come to assist the whole family. He will be with you until your loved one has finally overcome the addiction issues.

We plan interventions through phone consultations and meetings with the family members. The procedure is necessary to explain the treatment process to the family members and convince the patient to begin the rehabilitation program immediately.

How an intervention works

We will perform an initial assessment to match the best interventionist in Denver for your loved one based on the patient's condition, location, age, gender, and even personal choice. Your interventionist will then come to you at the scheduled pre-intervention date to meet the family and discuss the options. The goal is to build rapport with the family and explain in detail the exact details of the intervention.

The interventionist that will take your case is an expert in this field and has already successfully handled multiple different situations. The purpose of the entire process is to convince your loved one to agree to join a rehabilitation center.

The interventionist will assist and come with the family to transport your loved one to your chosen treatment center. After your loved one has finished the treatment, the interventionist will have follow-up visits up to one year to ensure complete healing and prevent relapse.

The cost of a drug intervention

The intervention is a case-to-case basis but usually ranges from $2500 to $3800. This is a performance-based operation, wherein you will not need to pay any amount until the intervention is successful. We will cover all the travel costs for our interventionist. In case of an unsuccessful intervention, the interventionist will spend more time with the family at no expense.

We're only interested in providing you with impeccable and affordable services that can and will save lives. For your loved one's sake, you need to contact us immediately!

Where will your loved one be treated?

Following the intervention, the patient will join a rehabilitation center of your choice. If the family has no idea where to bring the addict, we will provide you with a list of centers that we have reviewed, visited, and given positive feedback. Your family can choose depending on your preference and the cost of treatment.

Substance Intervention is considered one of the leading companies in our field and provides service to all areas in the USA, Canada, and Mexico. Contact us at 844-218-9752 for more information and talk with the best interventionist in Denver! We can change your loved one's life because they deserve it.

Interventionist Denver

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